Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sacked Out Cats

Statistics say cats sleep an average of 16 hours a day. I think mine sleep about 23 hours a day. And they can sleep just about anywhere. The picture above is Major sleeping on his favorite pillow. He LOVES that thing. When he's not sitting in the living room with me, he's sleeping on that pillow.

Eddie is the light sleeper of the bunch. She wakes up as soon as you step in the room, and she doesn't seem to sleep near as many hours as her brothers and sister. She sure is pretty when she's sleeping though.

Face's favorite place to sleep is in her basket. It's a small wicker laundry basket with a beach towel thrown in. During the day, we wedge it between our waterbed and the window. (Small bedroom.) There's a birdfeeder right outside that window, and she often falls asleep watching birds. Kind of how I fall asleep watching TV. :0)

Blondie is the loudest snorer and the champion sleeper of the bunch. He can sleep through most anything, although he sometimes snaps awake from a bad dream and has to be reassured. And if he wakes up to an empty room, he will come meowing through the house until he finds someone. Here he is sleeping in one of his favorite spots; on the bed under a large piece of lace. (Note the second wicker basket. He sometimes likes to sleep in there...on the bed.)

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