Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From the DUH Files

OK, this was the view over New York City yesterday. The Boeing 747 is Air Force One (when the prez is on it anyway), and it is being followed by an F-16 fighter jet. Now, if you live in NY, this is a sight that would put a good bit of fear in your heart. As a matter of fact, people actually began evacuating some of the taller buildings in the city, and who can blame them.

But, this wasn't another attack of course. It was a military photo-op. Seems they've done this in other areas, taken photos of Air Force One around national landmarks (the photographer is in the F-16). This time around, the photos were to include the Statue of Liberty. Now, not only is this a stupid idea anyway given past events, but then no one thought to let the city of New York know they were going to do it. The mayor wasn't even told.

Here is one of probably many videos on YouTube of the flight.

If I was a conspiracy fanatic, I'd wonder if this was actually a military exercise or some thing. Some way to see how prepared the city or control towers or some such are since 9/11. But, I think it was just a very stupid idea that someone came up with then managed to get past some other idiots who also weren't thinking right, or were asleep at that time.

I mean....DUH!!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Local Glass Art

My husband is taking an online art appreciation class as part of his work toward a Bachelor's Degree. One of the projects he had to do for this class is check out some local art work. So, off we went to the Crimson Laurel Gallery to see what they have. I'm going to post some photos of the glass art here, since those were some of our favorite pieces. I figure that would be a good way for his fellow classmates to get a look at what he's talking about in his postings on the class site (as well as a way to get even more traffic to my blog). :)

This is an untitled neon glass piece by artist Jacob Fishman. It's a kinetic work, one of those things with electricity running through you and when you touch it, the light follows your hand.

I like the detail of the glass human figure encased in the blown glass. It's pretty cool.

This is another neon glass piece called Life Form by artist David Wilson. This one is in a wood display case, and is a bit more expensive than the other one. They are both way cool, but I have to say I kind of like the other one better. Has more visual impact for me.

This is one of my favorite pieces. It's called Earth Paperweight, and it's also by artist David Wilson. I would love to have this one. When Chris and I first moved up here, we saw a larger version of this, and it was so amazing. I am going to try to get a better photo later. This one just doesn't do justice. I am so amazed at how the Earth just appears to be floating in there.

This is another favorite of mine...second only to the Earth Paperweight. This is called Acro Bag and it is by John Littleton and his wife Kate Vogel. (John's father Harvey Littleton is the founder of the American Studio Glass Movement) I like this piece because it's actually pretty simple and is very colorful. If I could afford it, this would be on my mantle...right along side the Earth Paperweight. **sigh**

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Newest Addition

Finally, some photos of the newest member of the menagerie. This is Alexander (my husband tells me that's his name). He showed up around here a few weeks ago, and is still a bit wary of me. But, I can pet him some when he's eating, and he does let me hold him, just not for too long. He's not quite solid black; has about four strands of white fur on his chest, and from this photo, I think he has a few on his belly as well.

I'm assuming Alexander is a stray as he's pretty skinny and very timid. So, soon he will be "taken care of," so to speak. We have enough kittens running around out there, and in our shelters, and he will have a much longer, healthier life in the end. (Not to mention that hopefully he and Tango will stop their little territory-marking competition on my porch.)

And from the looks of it, Alexander is starting to feel pretty safe here. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Stuff

Well, I'm a bit too busy to write much of anything, but since it's been so long, I wanted to do something, so here are some funnies to keep us amused. Enjoy.

you die

sup cat

*Pictures courtesy of LOL Cats at http://www.icanhascheezburger.com/.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pet Sitting Blog

I'm writing this under Muffin's watchful eyes. Well, figuratively speaking I guess.

I own the URL for my pet sitting business, but haven't been able to get a website built yet. Everyone I've contacted about doing it seems to be too busy, or just too busy to even get back to me at all. So, for now, I have started up a blog for it (http://www.tccrittersitters.blogspot.com/). It's not much yet, but it will grow. I have posted my services/rates list there as well, so that will help a bit. Once the site is up, I can just include a link to the blog and keep it going with stories about my pet sitting "adventures."

So, let's see, that brings my blog count up to four. I think I'll hold there for a while. :-)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and a Birthday

Easter Sunday dawned bright and sunny this morning. What a beautiful day it is. Of course, they're calling for more rain tomorrow, but that's OK. Rain can be a beautiful thing, too. For now, I hope everyone is have a very Happy Easter.

Today is also special for another reason. Chris, my significant other, is celebrating his 38th birthday today. (I say celebrating...he's actually taking a test in one of his online classes. He's studying for his Bachelor's Degree.)

Now, Chris and I have been together nearly 18, married for almost 17, and I have very few pictures of him. He really hates getting his picture taken. You'd think he was wanted by the FBI or something.

But, every once in a while, I get a photo of him. And they are usually pretty good.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't really like photos of myself either, and this one isn't much of an exception. But, it's one of the few (3 I think) of us together. It was taken about 7 or 8 years ago, when we were students at Mayland Community College. (After I lost my job when OMC shut the doors and filed bankruptcy. But, that's another story.) We've both lost some weight since then, and he no longer has the long hair. (I cried when he cut it.)

This one was taken in October of last year...my two favorite men: the hubs and the Stumpy (better known as Major). Chris claims they are all my cats, but he has a soft spot for Major. Actually, he has a soft spot for all of them, but just won't admit to it.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life...my very best friend.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring in the Mountains

Here are some photos from today (April 7th, 09). I had to check the calendar. It's spring, right?

In case I haven't said it 100 times before....I love snow.

But I really would like to get my garden planted.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Miscellaneous Musings

Poor Herman the Possum. Haven't seen him for a few days, then this morning he was on the porch, chomping on the cats' food as usual. As he started to climb down the porch railing, my husband noticed his tail...it's partly gone. Looks like Herman got caught up in something, or with someone. Poor thing. His tail is too short to hang from now. Too bad possums aren't like lizards. Would be cool if he could just grow a new one. (No new picture of the little guy. Didn't want to startle him more than we already had by going outside in the first place.)

A while back, I walked in the living room to find Major staring intently at the front door. I walked over and heard some scratching outside. Thinking Muffin was playing around, I opened the door. Well, I guess she had cornered a mouse between the glass door and the front door (there's a small gap at the bottom corner), and my opening the door gave that poor little mouse an escape route. It ran into the house and hid behind a side table. Major and the other kitties sniffed around at different times during the evening, but they aren't the best mousers in the world.

So, I pulled out a humane mousetrap that I bought years ago (and my husband made fun of me for buying) and placed it where I thought the mouse would probably end up trying to make a break for it. It was still empty the next morning, so I took a small piece of bread and put it in. Later on in the morning, I heard some scratching around and there the little guy was...safely ensconced in the trap. How cool. I took him outside and let him loose among some overgrowth in the yard. Hopefully he's learned his lesson and won't get around Muffin again.

Took this picture on a warm day at the beginning of March. Muffin was in the front yard, sunbathing among the ivy. She loves the sun. It's been raining for the past couple days, so needless to say, she's not happy right now. Of course, in this picture, she's not looking too happy either. Maybe she just wanted me to leave her in peace and let her get back to her sunbathing. (Would this be considered nude sunbathing?!?)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blue Moon Bookstore

Independent bookstores have a hard time staying open when the economy is good, but an even harder time when things are tough. The latest casualty is Blue Moon in Spruce Pine. My writers' group held our monthly meeting here, as did the local women's poetry group, Eve's Night Out. The building used to be a pharmacy complete with soda fountain I'm told, and it has such great historic charm. Hopefully it won't stay empty for long. (There's even talk of someone wanting to try their hand at the bookstore thing, with maybe art classes and such as well.)

This is my friend Sharon Huskey. She bought the bookstore (building is rented) a few years ago and has been a downtown fixture ever since. She held on as long as she could, but it just wasn't meant to be. But Sharon has come out the other side with a bushel of friends at her side and a strength only a woman, especially a red-headed woman, can have. ;-)

Judith Smith, a member of my writers' group, organized a pot luck at the store on Tuesday evening, the last day of business. Lots of people came to offer Sharon support and she really seemed to be enjoying the company. Great people hang out at bookstores.

Sharon gave me one of the bookstore's chairs since my recliner was falling apart, and she knew I couldn't afford a new one right now. I love this chair...it's like my own piece of the store, and it's bigger than it looks. I can even curl my feet up under me when I sit in it (a big deal when you're a large person like I am). But, I don't actually get to sit in it as much as I'd like to. For some reason, Face has adopted it as her own. She has never done that, usually stays in our bedroom or in her own little bed in the living room. She likes smells so maybe it's the "new" smells she gets on the chair: Sharon's late dog (Bascom), her cat (Freda), the various customers, the store itself. Whatever it is, The Empress, as Face insists on being called, has claimed it and will not give it up. Sometimes she lets one or both of her brothers cuddle up in the chair with her, but not often.

As long as I have this chair, I will look at it and think of Blue Moon...and smile.