Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Coffee Anyone?

OK, I have gotten hooked on coffee drinks. When I first heard of Starbuck's many eons ago, I thought "NO WAY!" Didn't think I would ever pay $4 or more for coffee. Then, we got a small coffee shop in our little neck of the woods. DT's Blue Ridge Java introduced me to the world of flavored coffee. My favorite? Mocha Latte of course. Hot once in a while during the winter, but iced most of the time. I also love the Frozen Mocha Latte and the Creamy Frozen Mocha Latte. (See a pattern here?) As a special treat when something good happens, like when I publish something, I will order the Mocha Twister. To coin a phrase - YUM-O!! If I'm looking for a dessert option instead, I will order a coffee ice cream milkshake with a squirt of chocolate syrup. (Diabetic coma in a cup.) :)

With gas prices going up, and grocery prices not too far behind, I have had to cut out my coffee treats for a while. So, I have started making some of my own concoctions at home. One easy way is to just buy General Foods International Coffee's Suisse Mocha flavor and serve it on ice. Almost perfect. I sometimes also just use instant coffee with a flavored creamer. (marshmallow mocha or southern butter pecan are both great options.) Or, I make some coffee in my little 2 cup coffee maker instead of the instant. It all works.

I do want to point out that no matter which version of my favorite coffee drink I'm enjoying, I almost always have it sugar free and decaffeinated. (Except when I use the flavored creamers. They don't come in sugar free - yet.) The drinks are a bit healthier that way. GUILT FREE COFFEE!! Can't beat that.

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