Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Cat Stuff

This is Muffinhead. She is a dilute tortie who showed up at my house in March. In this picture, she is getting ready for her favorite pastime: rolling around in the dirt. She loves it. This area of my yard was recently dug up and cleared out, and she thinks that's just fine. Pictures don't capture it, but when she gets up out of this dirt, her coat is covered in mica. She just sparkles in the sun. Maybe that's why she does it.

I called this little girl Muffinhead because she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Now, I say that, yet she knew enough to show up here where she is being well taken care of. I have four indoor cats, as I've talked about previously. A while back, I bought them one of those little "houses" made from foam and fabric. They didn't really like it. So, I put it on the front porch for my neighbor's cat. He loves to use it in the winter. Along came Muffinhead, and now it's hers. So, she has come to a house where she is fed and has shelter. She wants for nothing. (Doesn't even show interest in coming inside. I've tried.) Maybe she's smarter than I initially thought. (And check out those eyes.)

This is not the first cat to show up on my doorstep. I have taken to the shelter or found homes for many a cat or kitten over the years. (The one above was just barely a handful, and I now wonder if she was from the same litter as Muffinhead. They look so similar.) I think some of them have come from people who know how I found my own cats under my back porch and raised them. Maybe they figure I will know what to do. Others, I think, have followed the giant neon sign on my roof. It is visible only to cats and reads "Free Food Here" with a giant arrow pointing toward my front door. It coincides with the invisible tattoo on my forehead which reads "SUCKER!!!"


Vicki Lane said...

Hey Susan, You might enjoy Clea Simon's Theda Krakow mysteries -- "Cats, Crime, and Rock and Roll."

Theda's a reporter in Cambridge, MA, a serious cat person, and a rock and roll critic/fan. A very well-written, not cutesy, series with a lot about cat-related issues.

Susan M. Bell said...

I'll check that out. Thanks.
I've read some "cozy" mysteries, and they always seem to have cats. Actually, got into them after I saw a cat on the cover of one. But, I'm the type that gets bored with that type of book very easily; have to read something different in between. (Moods change.)
I like the cat/rock & roll combo. Sounds right up my alley. :)