Sunday, June 15, 2008


OK, it's not much. But, for this year, this is my idea of gardening. I currently have two tomato plants in a 5-gallon bucket. The plants were given to me by my friend Alessa, and she hopefully has another bucket I can use. I don't know how well these guys will do if I keep them both in the same bucket. So far though, they are doing well. I have a nice little tomato on one already.

Look closely and you can just barely make out some green here. I had one of those canisters of wild flowers...the kind you just sprinkle around. It was left over from about two years ago, and I decided why not see if they will still grow. What have I got to lose. Well, looks like I may get a few flowers out of it. So far so good anyway. Hopefully a few of these little guys will grow into some colorful blooms. We can always use a little color in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Well, you have to start somewhere! Hopefully your tomato plants give you a lot of fruit! :)

Susan M. Bell said...

With the tomato issues recently, whatever my plants give us may be the only ones we get.