Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Alternative Facts?!?!

So, we now have a new way of describing a lie. Alternative facts. Anybody out there who thinks the idea of "alternative facts," as put forth by Spicer and Conway, makes sense is either crazy or an idiot. Or, as some people seem to have become good at doing, they are simply ignoring what they really don't want to hear, and hearing their own "alternative facts."

Trump's big issue to start off his presidency seemed to be the number of people who came to his inauguration. He didn't like the idea that he wasn't quite as popular as President Obama. He argued that his numbers were much bigger when speaking to CIA agents, while standing in front of their memorial wall. Come on!!!

And then Spicer comes out in his first press conference on Saturday and berates the media, and says Trump's inauguration was the most watched ever.

On Sunday, Conway (who I was tired of seeing months ago and now I have four full years of her???) told Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" that what Spicer offered were not falsehoods, but instead were "alternative facts."

Then, on Monday, Spicer had his first FULL press briefing (over an hour, mind, I did not watch...) in which he double-downed on the inauguration numbers saying "it was the largest watched inauguration ever," when all ways to track those numbers show that to be completely untrue. UNTRUE. A LIE. Imagine that!!!

With everything going on (and everything he claims is going on), Trump is first and foremost worried about his numbers and how they make him look?!?! Really?!?!? This is the man who is supposed to be running our country?!?!?  **sigh**

OK, that's not really the worst of stuff from Trump and his people this week, but this is my first chance to blog, and this one is long enough. I can only do so much at once. So, will discuss more later. I'm sure there will be more and more stuff to blog about. Trust me.

Friday, January 20, 2017

We said goodbye today to a man who will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. I am sad, and a bit scared.

As I write this, it has been less than two hours since Donald Trump took the oath of office, and already pages dealing with civil rights, climate change, the LGBT community, and healthcare have been removed from the White House website.

This does not bode well.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Rambling On....

I’ve been watching politics, like everyone else, for over a year now, and I’ve been upset and disappointed, like most everyone else, in the way things have turned out. In less than a week, the new POTUS will be sworn in; a man with very little (if any) integrity, no filter, the temperament of a five-year-old, and not a diplomatic bone in his body. He is a multi-billionaire who (somehow) convinced a lot of lower and middle-class working folks that he was one of them and cared about them and would fight to make their lives better.   **sigh**

Well, I’ve been posting a lot on my Facebook page over the past several months, and I know it has been filled with a lot of stuff that some find negative. Including me. I was looking over it not long ago, and decided I’ve been sharing too much all at once, and maybe I should find a way to share stuff without filling up my page with it all. I do share a lot of positive stuff, especially stuff about animal rescue and such, but it sometimes gets lost.

Time to start blogging again. Yeah, I will be sharing a lot of opinions here about our incoming POTUS, but I’ll share some good stuff as well. Of course, I will. Life isn’t horrible just because an orange-tinted Creature for the Black Lagoon is getting ready to take the Oath of Office. It has some rough patches coming, but it’s not all horrible.