Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Morning Thoughts

So "they" say that with every fog in August, you'll get a snow in the winter....right? I'm very hopeful then, as we've had fog almost every morning here. I love snow and I'd like to see a good bit of it this winter. Maybe there's hope after all. (And do you ever wonder who "they" are?)
Today's the day for spiders at my house. There was a huge web hanging in the front yard; attached to a tree, a bush and the bumper of my husband's truck. (How do they do that?) It was beautiful, but in a spot that would have made a clear photo almost impossible. (I'm sure some photographer out there could have found a way.)

Then there was this guy. His web was located at the top of the back steps. It extended from the house, to the deck, to the railing. (Again, how do they do that.) I caught sight of him as he was wrapping up breakfast. (Or maybe he was saving it as a snack for later.) I managed to get a couple decent pictures before Muffin jumped up on the railing and broke the web.

Cats! What can ya' do?


Vicki Lane said...

A photographer friend showed me a trick for getting photos of spider webs -- spray them with a spritz of water (or catch them in the morning with dew on them.)

Susan M. Bell said...

Ya' know, I told my hubby something like that might work. I think my general fear of the spider is what keeps me from doing something like that. I get these flashes of spraying the web and having the spider jump off on me.

I love catching them in the early morning when the dew is on them like that. They kind of sparkle.

Pat in TN said...

I'm with you Susan ... afraid the spider might take his frustration out on me for spraying his web!! Eeeeeeek!!! Can you tell I don't like spiders, although I'm better then I used to be.

Susan M. Bell said...

I have never really likes spiders. I mean, I won't kill them. If I find one in the house, I pick it up in a glass and carry it outside. (I'm sure they hate that during the winter.) But to actually pick one up in my hand....**shudder**!! I think it's the 8 legs thing. (Ever see the tarantulas they sell at the pet store? Tried to pick up one of the containers they're in and thought my heart would stop.)