Saturday, August 23, 2008

Water, Water....Nowhere

Well, on Thursday a few clouds actually appeared. I was hopeful for a bit, but those hopes were completely dashed. Still no rain.

The creek that runs through my backyard is not very deep on a good day, but now it's nearly nonexistent. Can't even hear it any more, and one of my favorite things is to sit on the deck and listen to the water wash over the rocks.

And I don't know if it's the lack of rain or those icky worms in their icky webs, but my little walnut tree has lost every last one of its leaves. The larger ones are even losing theirs as well.

Sooner or later is has to rain.


Pat in TN said...

We keep getting teased with those clouds too.. big black clouds roamed around last night, but nothing happened. We had a nice creek behind our house that dried up 2 years ago and I wonder if it will ever run again. Now it's windy here and it's like a dust storm at periods.

Just read in the paper that we are 23+" behind on rain for the year, yes, for this year ... I had to re-read that to make sure ... and it's been like this for the past 3 years or so. Unreal!!

Susan M. Bell said...

Yeah, last I heard we were 11+ inches. I'm sure that's gone up. With the drought we had last year, and now this, the local apple growers are very worried. Not to mention those who need hay. They say there's going to be a shortage there again.

On the bright side: Looks like we may have some rain coming in this week - Tuesday through Thursday. Keeping fingers and toes crossed.