Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary?

Today is an anniversary of sorts for me. One year ago today, after many years of misdiagnosis by many doctors, I had to undergo a complete hysterectomy. I knew the day would come sooner or later, but was figuring to wait until I was around 45 or so. My husband and I wanted to keep the child option open, and were seriously talking about it the last year or so before my surgery. But alas, it was not meant to be. By the time I found a doctor who listened to me, a hysterectomy was the only remedy. So, less than a week after talking to the doctor and signing all the paperwork, I was wheeled into the OR for a complete/radical hysterectomy. I was 37-years-old.

This is my doctor, Harry Ervine, MD. Great doctor, funny man. Walked into my hospital room the day after the surgery and said "So, have you farted yet?" Apparently that's a big deal, being able to pass gas after a surgery like that. The question made me laugh so hard my staples hurt.

And check this out. The weekend before my surgery, I looked Dr. Ervine up on the internet (Can you blame me?) and found this Time Magazine cover. Seems that while he was attending Rutgers University, Dr. Ervine was chosen to be on the January 6, 1967 cover. It was a Man of the Year issue, representing the year of "25 and Under." Pretty cool. Don't know how he ended up in our little "neck of the woods," but I'm sure glad he did.

So, here I am, a little over 1 year away from 40, and already hitting menopause. I'm lucky in that I have been able to look at the bright side of things for the most part. Because of my health, my job suffered and by the time I had surgery, they basically said it was too little too late. I lost my job, but that has given me more time to write. I do have hot flashes once in a while, but since I used to be so very cold natured, that's sometimes an improvement. We have no children, but there is always adoption and I won't have to go through the whole pregnancy and labor thing. No cramps, no monthly "visitor,"'s all good. I can't say no mood swings, as I do have a few once in a while, but they are no where near what they were before.

Life throws us a curveball sometimes. What matters is what we do when it does.


Pat in TN said...

Too cool about your Dr. I must say that I do admire your attitude ... for you the glass is half full!! Way to go .....

Vicki Lane said...

As Pat said -- your attitude is terrific. You rock, girrl!

Susan M. Bell said...

You guys are great. Can't take full credit for my attitude, though. The hubby was (and is) wonderful. He helped a lot. And I can't say I haven't had my "moments," but thankfully they have been few and far between.

Yeah, the glass is half full, but I sometimes wish the drink was stronger. ;-)