Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pet Sitting Blog

I'm writing this under Muffin's watchful eyes. Well, figuratively speaking I guess.

I own the URL for my pet sitting business, but haven't been able to get a website built yet. Everyone I've contacted about doing it seems to be too busy, or just too busy to even get back to me at all. So, for now, I have started up a blog for it (http://www.tccrittersitters.blogspot.com/). It's not much yet, but it will grow. I have posted my services/rates list there as well, so that will help a bit. Once the site is up, I can just include a link to the blog and keep it going with stories about my pet sitting "adventures."

So, let's see, that brings my blog count up to four. I think I'll hold there for a while. :-)


J.D. Antell said...

You might think about using a do it yourself website builder. I have a few links on the resources page on my website which might work out for you. http://www.dogzanny.com/resources.html

If this is a new pet sitting adventure you might find a lot of other helpful stuff there. Good luck with the business.


Susan M. Bell said...

Thanks J.D. I may end up using one of those, but was actually trying to "keep it local" so to speak. Also, a couple of those I looked at (through pet sitting sites) it seems they end up owning your URL when you use them. Trying to avoid that one.

Thanks again.

Vicki Lane said...

You know, Susan -- a blog may be all you need if you configure it so that all pertinent info is always in plain sight.

Susan M. Bell said...

Tell you the truth, that's what I'm kind of starting to lean toward. I can still put out the URL (www.tccrittersitters.com) and have it pointed to the blog. No hosting or site building fees that way. The less money I have to put out there, the better.

petsitter said...

I think that this business idea is a great one. People do need pet sitters more and more, for a regular basis or for the times they go on vacation.
Good luck

sitter said...

If you ask me, the animals should get the care they deserve. If hiring a petsitter is the way to do it, than it;s fine.

Susan M. Bell said...

Amen to both of you.

Our pets are part of the family, more now than ever. People are really beginning to understand the idea that they deserve the same care as children and such.