Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From the DUH Files

OK, this was the view over New York City yesterday. The Boeing 747 is Air Force One (when the prez is on it anyway), and it is being followed by an F-16 fighter jet. Now, if you live in NY, this is a sight that would put a good bit of fear in your heart. As a matter of fact, people actually began evacuating some of the taller buildings in the city, and who can blame them.

But, this wasn't another attack of course. It was a military photo-op. Seems they've done this in other areas, taken photos of Air Force One around national landmarks (the photographer is in the F-16). This time around, the photos were to include the Statue of Liberty. Now, not only is this a stupid idea anyway given past events, but then no one thought to let the city of New York know they were going to do it. The mayor wasn't even told.

Here is one of probably many videos on YouTube of the flight.

If I was a conspiracy fanatic, I'd wonder if this was actually a military exercise or some thing. Some way to see how prepared the city or control towers or some such are since 9/11. But, I think it was just a very stupid idea that someone came up with then managed to get past some other idiots who also weren't thinking right, or were asleep at that time.

I mean....DUH!!!!!


Vicki Lane said...

What WERE they thinking!

Susan M. Bell said...

Obviously they weren't. What is really sad is that this had to go through more than one person, and no one thought to speak up and say "hey, this might not be a good idea?"