Saturday, April 25, 2009

Local Glass Art

My husband is taking an online art appreciation class as part of his work toward a Bachelor's Degree. One of the projects he had to do for this class is check out some local art work. So, off we went to the Crimson Laurel Gallery to see what they have. I'm going to post some photos of the glass art here, since those were some of our favorite pieces. I figure that would be a good way for his fellow classmates to get a look at what he's talking about in his postings on the class site (as well as a way to get even more traffic to my blog). :)

This is an untitled neon glass piece by artist Jacob Fishman. It's a kinetic work, one of those things with electricity running through you and when you touch it, the light follows your hand.

I like the detail of the glass human figure encased in the blown glass. It's pretty cool.

This is another neon glass piece called Life Form by artist David Wilson. This one is in a wood display case, and is a bit more expensive than the other one. They are both way cool, but I have to say I kind of like the other one better. Has more visual impact for me.

This is one of my favorite pieces. It's called Earth Paperweight, and it's also by artist David Wilson. I would love to have this one. When Chris and I first moved up here, we saw a larger version of this, and it was so amazing. I am going to try to get a better photo later. This one just doesn't do justice. I am so amazed at how the Earth just appears to be floating in there.

This is another favorite of mine...second only to the Earth Paperweight. This is called Acro Bag and it is by John Littleton and his wife Kate Vogel. (John's father Harvey Littleton is the founder of the American Studio Glass Movement) I like this piece because it's actually pretty simple and is very colorful. If I could afford it, this would be on my mantle...right along side the Earth Paperweight. **sigh**


Vicki Lane said...

I really admire a lot of glass art but in a house with six dogs and two cats, all I can think of is the sound of something very expensive breaking.

Angie Bailey said...

Wow -- that glass art is really beautiful. I'd love to know how to do that, but I don't think I'm that patient :)

I looked for you on FB and there are a couple of Susan M Bells. IS your profile pic the one with the cat face?

Susan M. Bell said...

Vicki - Yeah, I have that thought with the four cats as well. But, they don't get up on the mantel, so that would probably be the only place I could put anything like that. The little Earth Paperweight costs $250. If I'm ever lucky enough to have that much to spare (yeah, right) that will probably be the only expensive piece of art I will own. Just something about it...

Angie - Yep. That's me. (Well, actually, that's my boy Blondie, but you know what I mean.) :)