Thursday, April 23, 2009

Newest Addition

Finally, some photos of the newest member of the menagerie. This is Alexander (my husband tells me that's his name). He showed up around here a few weeks ago, and is still a bit wary of me. But, I can pet him some when he's eating, and he does let me hold him, just not for too long. He's not quite solid black; has about four strands of white fur on his chest, and from this photo, I think he has a few on his belly as well.

I'm assuming Alexander is a stray as he's pretty skinny and very timid. So, soon he will be "taken care of," so to speak. We have enough kittens running around out there, and in our shelters, and he will have a much longer, healthier life in the end. (Not to mention that hopefully he and Tango will stop their little territory-marking competition on my porch.)

And from the looks of it, Alexander is starting to feel pretty safe here. :)


Vicki Lane said...

Off to be 'tutored,' eh? There's little worse than the smell of tom-cat spray.

But what a handsome fellow! He's lucky to have found a home.

Susan M. Bell said...

Isn't he a beauty? I love sleek black cats. They are so gorgeous.

Lucy said...

OMG..I love all black cats!!! Adorable!