Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Smoky Mountain Inspiration

I went up to the Parkway this morning and stopped off at an overlook above The Orchard at Altapass. I love this view. The clouds were passing over the mountains in the distance, then this line of clouds/mist started gliding down the mountain. It was so neat looking, and even inspired the start of a poem.

Clouds like smoke
pouring over the mountain.
A thick white mist
enveloping in its chill.
I watch it come
creeping ever closer to me.
It surrounds me
closing me off from the world.

Not much I know, but like I said, it's the start of a poem. It'll be way different once I get it done. Especially since on the way home I heard the song Big Country (Remember that from the 80's?) and that inspired more lines to add in and work on. Oh how I miss the days when I could write a poem in one sitting and be satisfied that it was finished "as is." Now they seem to take so much work. If I again ever hear anyone say writing isn't hard work...


richard said...

Nice pic.I remember the view well--both at sunrise and sunset.

Susan M. Bell said...

The two best times to drive the Parkway.