Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clotheslines and Stuff

I finally bought a retractable clothesline and got the hubby to put it up for me. (I tried. Just not good at some things I reckon.) I've used it twice so far (yesterday and today) and love it. Hanging clothes out is almost therapeutic as well. And the smell...heaven. Of course, with no rain in the forecast, as soon as I hung out this load today it started getting cloudy. (If you ever want rain, hang out some clothes I guess.) Next year I'm buying a four-line retractable clothesline. For now, this will do.

And yet another picture of the ever-present Muffin. Over the summer, she would follow at my heels around the yard as I picked blackberries. Now she's taken to following me to the clothes line. When it was first put up, she just lay in the grass staring up at it like she was trying to figure out how to get up there. Hopefully she's given up on that idea. I have this mental image of looking out my back window to see her hanging off one of my bathtowels.


Vicki Lane said...

Welcome to the gang of clothesline lovers! It IS therapeutic!

Susan M. Bell said...

As a kid, I did most of the laundry. (Mom worked graveyard shift.) We usually had clotheslines, and even though hanging out clothes was not my most favorite after school activity, I have always loved the smell of the clothes dried like that. Very fresh and crisp.