Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gadget Corner

Most of us know all about USB drives by now. They are little, very portable drives that plug into the USB port of your computer, and store so much more information than any disc or CD. I have one on my keychain and it goes every where I do. But now, thanks to my hubby, I have found something even better.

This is the SD card I use in my digital camera. 2GB of storage in such an itty bitty thing. (Some computers don't have that much storage space.) I'm still amazed when I think about it. I've started using these cards for more than just photos. But, my one issue with them was the need of a portable card reader for use in computers that don't have ports for these. (Some do have memory card slots, but many do not.) The hubby rescues me again. (There are other kinds besides SD, that just happens to be what my camera uses.)

This little do-diddy is a USB drive for memory cards. You plug your card into it, then it plugs into the USB port of your computer. I love this. And if you're worried about losing these little cards, which is pretty easy to do since they are so small, just go to Google and search for a memory card holder or wallet. There are many different sizes and styles out there.

Now, I'm not a big computer person. That's my husband's area. But I guess I'm moving up in the world a bit. I've finally gotten into the blogging thing, and every once in a while a computer gadget comes along that I get excited about. Maybe I'm more of a computer person than I thought.

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