Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Cold


I haven't posted since last Friday because I've been sick as a dog. OK, wait a minute, do we even know where that saying comes from? Why do we think a dog is sick? Anyhoo...

I have had a doozy of a summer cold. I even canceled my writers' group meeting last night, and I hate doing that. I spent most of yesterday propped up in the bed, most of my cats around me, trying to read Vicki Lane's latest, In a Dark Season. I finally gave up and just dozed off, my cats sleeping right along with me, listening to thunder rumbling in the distance. (I love the way the sound of thunder travels in these mountains. It just echoes on and on.)

One of my favorite treatments for a cold is Hot and Sour Soup from one of our local Chinese restaurants. I love this stuff. It has just the right amount of spiciness and really opens up the sinuses. I have found some mixes in the grocery store that I've used to make it at home, but nothing beats the restaurant-made version. (And no, I've not tried to make it from scratch. I'm just not that good.)

Good news is I'm feeling better today. Still not fully recovered, but getting there. Did I mention that I hate summer colds?!?!?

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