Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Poetry Part I

I'm still fighting off this stupid cold, so really didn't feel like coming up with anything for the blog today. I've decided now is a good time to share some of my own poetry. Here is one I wrote the weekend of the writers retreat at Lake Logan. It was a great weekend.

Gathering Home

I sit in awe of the women around me.
Poets, authors,
beautiful people all.

I come here to write, communicate,
with others like me,
yet different.

I come here to listen, to read, to learn,
to feel.

I am a part of something much larger
than my everyday life.

I am a part of something strong, loving,

In my life I have looked for, longed for
strong women to lead me, guide me
push me.

I find these women here, surrounding me,
accepting me.

Without question, my writing, my dream
has found

a home.


Vicki Lane said...

It was, indeed, a great weekend.

Tammy said...

Hi Susan,
I thought i would hop over here and check things out, after you visited my blog. Lovely poetry! Congrats too on winning the honor of having a character named after someone you know in Vicki's book.That is way too cool. I had to laugh--in one of your older posts, there is a picture of a smaller greyish kitten---the floor tile is just like mine in the back of the house. A kinda brown parquet looking stuff. :-) I have way too many cats too---2 inside (one a siamese cross) and 4 outside, plus Spooky the traveling tom. But they just keep showing up and I can't turn them away. All are fixed, except Spooky, who doesn't really belong to me. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm going to bookmark yours for future reading.

Susan M. Bell said...

Hey Tammy-
Yeah, that's the floor in our bathroom. We bought this house many years ago with the thought of fixing it up, which included changing that floor out, but time and circumstances have worked against us. That must have been a common pattern in the past. I've actually seen in a few other places.
I really wish I could Neuter my neighbor's cat, Tango. He's such a sweetie, hangs out here all the time, but gets in so many fights. Tried to convince my neighbor to have it done, but he doesn't "believe" in that...or some such nonsense. Oh well, can't teach everyone I reckon.