Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Garden?

Well, it may not count as a "real" garden, but here it is. My two tomato plants were planted at the same time, in approximately the same size containers and for some reason one just isn't doing too well. Funny thing is, it had the first tomato on it. Now, it's dying and the other is growing taller and getting some little flower buds. Go figure. The only difference in the two is the one in the blue container has some rotting leaves from a gutter cleaning mixed in with the soil. Next year, I'm mixing lots of rotting leaves in with every tomato plant I grow.

Then there is the old, out-of-date canister of wildflower seeds I found earlier this Spring. It was one of those you are supposed to just be able to sprinkle around and they grow. I bought it years ago, then forgot about it. When I stumbled across them this year, I decided what the heck. I put some soil in one of my containers and poured. Well, no flowers yet, but lots of green coming up.

And here, growing in a pot of soil that was just sitting on my deck...corn. Squirrel corn actually, from the dried cobs I put out for them. I'm going to dig up a small section of my yard and put them in the ground, just to see what happens.

And then there is Muffinhead, self-appointed guardian of my little "garden," such as it it. :-)


Tammy said...

What you need is a bag of sheep manure! ha And I know where you can get a whole bunch of it. ;-) That is weird that one of the tomatoes is so lacking. Definately a good advertistment for the benefit of adding leaves and other compost. I have one tomato plant that is like something out of the jungle (big huge leaves/thick stem) and the others are rather spindly looking next to it, but healthy. I tried container gardening squash and watermelon (as well as a couple of tomatos) this year. Will see how that works!

Susan M. Bell said...

That single tomato hasn't gotten any bigger, so I guess what I see is what I get. :-)
Too bad cat poo wouldn't work. Lord knows I scoop enough every day. ;-)