Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gardening on the Small Side

(My small deck and swing during a recent rain storm)

I have a small deck on the side of my house, and I love to sit in the swing there and read, surf the internet, write stories...whatever. Lately, I've been sitting there eyeing a spot in my yard where I feel a garden should be. Not a huge garden; just something small. Today, I finally gave in and planted some things I've had growing in containers. I picked up my small garden shovel, got down on my hands and knees and went to work digging and pulling up grass and clover.

And here it is. A very small patch in my yard with seven corn plants and a scraggly tomato plant. I put in the tomato plant that isn't doing too well. I figure there's nothing to lose that way. The other one is doing so well in the container, I'm afraid to move it.

I have to say, getting down on the ground and digging through the dirt was very therapeutic. This has been a hard month so far, and I have really been feeling down. But, when I started pulling apart that patch of earth, loosening up the soil with my bare hands, I felt so much better. It was as if all my troubles were put into perspective, and I realized there are things going on much bigger than my little issues. I knew in my soul...everything would be OK in the end. The feel of the dirt under my nails, the smell of the fresh soil, even the sight of all those earthworms burrowing back into the made me feel renewed.

Now, if I can just keep Muffinhead out of there... :-}


Vicki Lane said...

Dirt under fingernails is a sign of good health.

Keep it up!

Tammy said...

It's a great start! Most of my gardening is done in small areas/or containers, as I don't have a tiller. I use newspaper or old feedsacks as a 'weed barrier' and cover that over with straw, old hay or lawn clippings. It helps retain the moisture and cuts down on the weeding. Plus the paper breaks down into the soil. You might be surprised by that sickly tomato--it might take off and thrive now.

Susan M. Bell said...

Tammy - From your mouth to that tomato's "ears."