Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sports Fan?

When it comes to sports I reckon I am almost the "typical girl." I say almost because I do know the difference between a touchdown and a home run, etc. But, I really don't know all the basics of how games are played. (Many of the general rules escape me.) For the most part, I don't watch sports, with the exception of a couple Super Bowl games. (The Super Bowl Shuffle had many of us teenagers tuning into Super Bowl XX back in 1986.) That being said, I will admit to "following" a few sports teams via their game scores on the news and getting a bit of a thrill when they win.

Having been born in St. Paul, Minnesota, I of course like to hear about the Twins (baseball) or the Vikings (football) winning a game. (Doesn't seem to happen as often as I'd like, though.) And my high school mascot was a viking as well, which I thought was kind of cool at the time. Living in North Carolina, there's the Panthers to think about. Although, I can't seem to get into them quite as much. Don't know why. Maybe they just haven't impressed me enough yet.

My husband was born and raised in Georgia, and I lived there off and on for quite a few years growing up. I've actually sat through most of a World Series game when the Atlanta Braves were playing, and I do like to hear about those underdogs winning...when they actually do. Of course, there's a bit of pride when it comes to the University of Georgia's football team, the Bulldogs (the Dawgs) and their bulldog mascot, Uga. Part of that pride is because every Uga since 1956 has come from a line owned by an attorney in Savannah, where my husband was born.

I think I may try to learn more about the why's and how-to's of football and baseball games (mostly football). I do know I would like to expand my limited sports repertoire to include hockey. That one looks exciting, if not brutal as heck. And of course my pick of teams comes about in a kind of "girly" way. I like penguins, so I'm kind of partial to the Pittsburgh Penguins. I guess it could be worse. I could have said I like them for the color of their uniforms or something.

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