Saturday, December 6, 2008

The day started out great...

...then hit a wall.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I went to the local Register of Deeds and filed a Certificate of Assumed Name for my pet sitting business. Then, I went to the bank and opened a business account. Tri-County Critter Sitters is now up and running. (Just need to find an artist to make some changes to my logo.) I am now working for myself, and I'm thrilled and nervous as heck all at the same time.

Don't think it will be too bad. Got a pretty good boss, doesn't yell too much. ;-)

Then last night, the wall I mentioned earlier showed up. It seems my dad is in the hospital ICU. They're saying he has a brain tumor. Couldn't get too much info from my step-mom last night as she was pretty tired and distraught. Should learn more this morning. Either way, looks like I will be heading for Minnesota at some point soon.

Dad and I aren't extrememely close, but he is my dad. Over the past few years, with email and all, we've managed to keep in touch a lot more than when I was a kid. We even have some pretty good phone conversations once in a while. And he's the only parent I have left.

Right now, it's a sit and wait thing. I'm sitting and waiting for the phone to ring with some sort of news. Until then, keep good thoughts for my dad.

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Vicki Lane said...

Hang in there, Susan. You are in my thoughts.