Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ode to My Ginsu

Remember this little item? The original Ginsu knife? I have one and I love it. It was given to me in the late 80's by a friend's dad when I got my first place. He gave me a lot of various items for my kitchen and this was among them. (Didn't even know it was an actual Ginsu until just a couple years ago when I read the tiny writing on the blade.) This knife cuts through anything. It's great. (Although I haven't tried the beer can or wood chopping test.)

I picked my trusty knife up the other day and was dismayed to find the handle is broken at the base of the blade. It's still usable, but now every time I use it, my thumb gets scratched up. The duct tape may be coming out soon as I really HATE to toss this thing. I have decided to write a poem about it. (Don't expect much. I'm working fast here.)

Ode To My Ginsu

Oh marvelous sharp blade, how do I
part with you? How do I toss you away
after so many years? State to state, trailers
to houses, single life to marriage; you have
traveled with me every step of the way.

Oh shiny serrated edge, how do I cut
anything without you? No other knife in
the drawer will cut through a beer can,
then slice a tomato. No other knife in my
kitchen will chop wood with such ease.

Oh beautiful Ginsu, will anything ever
replace you? My utensil drawer will
forever feel empty without you.



Vicki Lane said...

Made me smile!

(Have you talked to Santa about a replacement?)

Susan M. Bell said...

Yeah. Santa's working on it. First, he's gonna see if the 50 year warranty still stands, then he's gonna go from there. :-)