Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Election Talk

"I'm Susan Bell and I approve this blog."

I am TIRED of election talk, so even though today is election day, we're steering clear of that.

This is the latest addition to my zoo. I think it's a girl. She(?) doesn't get close enough for me to check. Tango, my neighbor's cat, is constantly fussing with her. You can often hear them on my porch "talking" in loud voices.

Drifter, as I have taken to calling her for lack of a better name, used to be so beautiful. But, numerous fights have taken their toll. One day, Tango showed up with a few small scratches, including one across his nose that has left a scar. The same day, Drifter appeared in my yard with the tip of one of her ears missing. Since a lot of their contact with each other happens when she comes up on my porch to "steal" food from Tango and Muffin, I try to put food out for her in the little window of our shed. Works most of the time.

And Muffin continues to do such odd and interesting things. We had placed these boxes on the porch to throw away. She adopted them. When she wanted to get away from Tango, she'd run into one of the boxes. One day when it was a bit windy and cold, I put one box on top of the other, and Chris pulled a blanket we had on the porch for her part way into it. Viola!! She loves to sneak in there and hide.

Ah, cats. They help keep my life interesting.

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