Friday, October 31, 2008


I love Halloween. I love to read scary stories and watch them on TV. (Not gory...scary. There is a difference.) As I write this, I am watching a marathon of Ghost Hunters on SciFi. Love that show. My ultimate dream is to one day go on an actual ghost hunt myself. There's a house down the road from me I'd like to spend the night in, with digital voice recorder and video camera handy. (If I ever manage to arrange this, I'll definitely post about it here.)

And not everything Halloween is scary. Take Jack-O-Lanterns for instance. People come up with the craziest designs.

You can go to any search engine and run a search for jack-o-lanterns, and you'd be surprised what you find. There are some people out there with a lot of talent...and a lot of time on their hands obviously.

And all time favorite ghost photo. I saw this one in a book when I was a kid and have been hooked on ghost stories and such ever since.

This is the 'Brown Lady' who haunts Raynham Hall in England, taken in 1936.



Vicki Lane said...

Great jack o' lanterns!

Susan M. Bell said...

Aren't they cool?! I think the Death Star may be my favorite. Then again...