Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

A Turkey Speaks

I have never understood
why anyone would
roast the turkey
and shuck the clams
and crisp the croutons
and shell the peas
and candy the sweets
and compote the cranberries
and bake the pies
and clear the table
and wash the dishes
and fall into bed
when they could sit back
and enjoy a hamburger.

~Author Unknown

I hope your thanksgiving is filled with love, good food, great friends and a whole lot of laughter.


Vicki Lane said...

I've had that passing thought now and then, usually in mid-preparation, but my family would rise up in arms. I didn't make my traditional pumpkin chiffon pie
with almond brittle topping yesterday, feeling that the two apple pies and cinnamon ice cream my daughter-in-law was bringing would be a gracious plenty. Oh dear, that was a mistake as several of our guests said they had been PARTICULARLY looking forward to that pie. I'll do better next year

Great picture!

Susan M. Bell said...

Yeah, whenever I've talked about having something other than turkey, or maybe not making stuffing or mac n cheese, my husband 'bout had a cow. Cannot leave out one thing when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner.

My next task is convincing him to let me make a goose for Christmas instead of a ham. I have always wanted to have a Christmas goose. (Never had goose at all, actually.)

Susan M. Bell said...

I almost forgot: I can't take credit for the photo on this one. It's an internet find. :-}