Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dead and Gone?

The garden is now gone. If you look closely at the middle of the photo above, you can see the small patch of dirt that gave me several tomatoes and a couple scrawny ears of corn. (Well, it actually gave the corn to the possum who visits our porch nightly and so far has evaded my camera.)

I plan on putting in a larger garden next year, but in the same basic spot. I'll probably start almost exactly where this year's was and go up the hill from there. (The way the property line runs, this is actually partly on my neighbor's property, but he is a very nice guy and doesn't much care about us going a bit over the line.)

And this is what's left of my container tomato, all ready to go on the compost pile...once I get it started. Looks dead, don't it?

SURPRISE! I haven't gone near this plant at all. Haven't watered it, talked to it...nothing. Any yet, here are three tiny little tomatoes. (Looks like two, but there is a third behind the lower one.) Wonder how long they will last.

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