Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back to the Parkway

Went back to the Blue Ridge Parkway this morning and took a few more pictures.

The horses I saw the other day were back, but closer to the fence this time. I pulled up some grass and gave it to this dark fella...was able to pet him a bit. You forget how big these animals are until you come face to face with one. Of course, right after I gave him the grass, he took a couple steps down the fence until his rear end was about even with me and proceeded to let out a big 'ol fart. Gee...I love my life.

The other horse stayed back a way, happily munching on grass. Maybe he is shy. Considering the whole passing gas incident, maybe he had good reasons for staying back.

As I was taking pictures of the horses, a couple driving by stopped for a moment to tell me how they had seen a flock of turkeys in that same area yesterday. They thought there were close to 20 birds in the group and managed to get some photos of them. (I love when people you don't even know want to share stories with you. I wonder if that's mainly a southern thing.) As I was driving back to Spruce Pine, I caught sight of a small flock of turkeys on the side of the road and managed to get a couple pictures. I wonder if these were the same birds from the day before.

I swear I had a photo of Table Rock as well, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Must have had a hiccup on the digital camera. Ah, technology....


Vicki Lane said...

Nice pictures! There's something about a horse at a fence -- when I was little, my parents used to drive me out to the country to a certain field whee there was a friendly horse, just so I could pat him and feed him carrots.

Susan M. Bell said...

Yeah, I have a thing for horses and fences as well. (Cows too really.) I'm hoping to one day take riding lessons. I've only been on a horse once in my life, when I was about 6 years old. I'd love to ride around these mountains on horse back. *sigh*