Friday, January 16, 2009

The Return of the Ginsu

(My old Ginsu knife.)

(The broken handle that made me finally get rid of my precious Ginsu.)

Not long ago, I wrote about my old Ginsu knife. After about 20 years, it finally wore out. The handle broke leaving a sharp edge. (See above photos.) I had to quit using it as I would cut my thumb every time I did. I managed to track down the company online and sent out an email asking about the warranty and if I could get a new knife. I was told to send in the old knife with $2 to cover shipping and a new one would be mine. So I did.

I received my new Ginsu knife in the mail yesterday. I was disappointed at first as it is a bit shorter than the old one, but that disappointment ended quickly. Wow is this thing sharp.

I just had to try the bread test. I took a loaf of french bread and sliced it as thin as I could. Check this out. You can see through the slices. I didn't even have to put any pressure on the knife, just pull it across and it sliced right through. (I'm having fun with this.) And it even came with a lifetime warranty that says if it gets damaged, even if the damage is my fault, they will replace it for $2 shipping again.

Of course, I had to write another poem. I threw this one together this morning.

Ode To My New Ginsu

A small, thin box arrived in the mail yesterday.
It’s finally here, the sharp replacement blade.
I ripped open the cardboard that held the treasure.
My smile grew wide, I felt such pleasure.

“It’s here. It’s here.” I wanted to yell.
On the icy sidewalk I almost fell.
I rushed into the house with my marvelous blade.
I grabbed some bread and a test cut I made.

The slices were so thin I could see right through.
The edge flashed bright, shiny and new.
I carefully cleaned it and put it in the drawer.
A knife even better than the one I had before.

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