Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Planning My Garden

I recently received my first two seed catalogs of the year. As much as I love winter, I'm really looking forward to spring and planting my garden. My biggest problem is narrowing down my plans. I don't have a large space for planting, and truth be known, my garden growing knowledge is a bit limited. (I tend to just plant something and "run with it," basically ignoring most usual gardening rules.)

I do know I want to plant some potatoes this year, just haven't decided on the variety. I think it would be fun to plant one of the blue colored varieties, but the hubby has already said he has no desire to try any of those. (I may just convince him though.) I'm leaning toward Yukon gold right now. Or maybe I'll just plant a few different kinds and see what comes up.

Tomatoes, I will more than likely plant tomatoes again this year. I want a good size tomato, something I can put thick slices of on Chris' sandwiches, or use to make a great sauce. Or, my favorite, saute with a bit of butter and serve with macaroni. YUM!

I do want to plant some radishes, maybe some green peppers and possibly some carrots. I'm also thinking about some green peas (which I have grown before) and some beans (which I haven't). I've been reading up on asparagus (surprised to find out it's a perennial) and am thinking about trying that as well. Of course, that would be a long-term thing since you harvest them the second year, not the year you plant them. I'm even thinking about planting some catnip, both for my cats and myself. (Have always wanted to try catnip tea.) Then there are the various small lettuces that always look so good in the photos.

So much to think about. This gardening thing is more complicated than I thought.

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