Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Harvest Time?

OK, this week I finally learned how to compress my photos to make it easier for anyone on dial-up to upload my blog. YAY! (Seems like I would have learned that sooner since I'm married to a computer guy. **shrugs sheepishly**)

Here's my garden spot...or the start of it. I'll be laying out more cardboard to make it a bit bigger this afternoon or tomorrow. This year, I'm going to plant potatoes, maybe tomatoes, some lettuce of some kind and maybe some onions. Although, I may not need to plant the onions...

While hanging out in the yard with Muffin, I noticed the abundance of wild onions still growing. You'd think they wouldn't be around this time of year. Well, shows you how much I know. They're everywhere. So, I grabbed some...a January harvest of wild onions. Gonna use them tonight. YUMMY!

One thing I like about mowing the lawn...OK, the only thing I really like about mowing the lawn...is the smell from all the little onions that get mowed down. It just wafts everywhere.

If I'm getting a decent winter harvest of wild things now, maybe that's a good sign for whatever I do end up planting in the spring. One can always hope.


Vicki Lane said...

Way to go, Susan. getting ready for that garden! And those little onions are great in scrambled eggs!

Susan M. Bell said...

I just hope I'm not too late getting the cardboard down. I meant to do it about a month or so ago, just got busy with other things.

I cannot believe how many of those onions are growing out there. In January. Tonight they are going in with roasting potatoes. Next batch I'll try with eggs.