Thursday, January 15, 2009

And We Think It's Cold Here!

(Lake Como Park, St. Paul, MN)

My dad lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I'm hoping to head up there for a visit in the next month or so. As our own weather forecasters started predicting high temps around 14 degrees tomorrow, I turned an eye to the weather up Dad's way. All I can say is BRRRRR.

Earlier this week, the low temp in the Twin Cities was 18 below zero. Further north in International Falls, it was 40 below and in a town called Embarrass (love the name) they had a low of 44 below zero. read right. BELOW ZERO! Ouch!

I took a look at the Weather Underground site this morning ( and today's high for St. Paul is listed as 4 below zero. But hey, there's a warm-up coming. Highs of 7 degrees tomorrow and even 20 on Saturday are predicted. It'll be a regular heat wave.

The thermometer on my porch is hovering near 30 right now. With the wind blowing like it is, it feels a good bit colder. But even with the idea of a 14 degree high on Friday, I'm still feeling a bit lucky to be living where I do.

And look what I found in my files. A haiku I wrote during a windy day last year. With the weather today, it fits perfectly.

Wind-blown hair
caught up in the cool spring breeze.
Where’s my comb?

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Vicki Lane said...

I spent a winter in Iowa -- so cold that the moisture in your eyes would freeze and make crackling sounds when you moved your eyes. 20 degrees felt like Spring!