Friday, June 29, 2012

Trying to Get Healthy

OK, so here we are, a bit over a month since the hubby's "mild" heart attack, and I've lost six pounds. Yeah, I know. That's a good thing, pat-on-the-back and all that, but what I can't figure out is why I've only lost six pounds. I mean, seriously? Six pounds? Come on. I've eaten more celery in the past month than in all my....well...several years on earth previously. And I've been lots more active, what with the garden going full-tilt (working like crazy with those blasted tomato plants so they wouldn't die....and they haven't), and my pet sitting business picking up a bit (doing a lot of dog walking lately, and those darn dogs just don't believe in getting their business done none too quickly either).

I do admit to a small treat here and there. Like tonight for instance. Tonight I'm going to make one of my special milk shakes: some chocolate ice cream (not a lot, it's a small drink), a bit of milk, and some chocolate-espresso wine. I guess I could give up my milk shakes completely for a while; speed up the weight loss process a bit.

Ya' know, six pounds in a month really isn't too bad at all. **pat on the back**


Vicki Lane said...

Six pounds in a month is terrific! Way to go!

Rose from Oz is Back! said...

I think its great too! Found your blog via Fridge Soup. Time permitting enjoyed reading some of your posts! :) Would love to call by again.

Susan M. Bell said...

Come by any time, Rose. :-)