Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Evening At Lake Wobegon Part II

Besides the signs I printed an taped to the truck windows, I also made this pin and wore it the whole night. It's amazing what you can do with scotch tape, duct tape, a safety pin and a picture printed from the internet. (Didn't get me back to see the guy, but it was worth a try.)

Garrison Keillor and Sarah Watkins (former member of the bluegrass band 
Nickel Creek) singing one of my favorite Elvis hits along with the audience.

Garrison, Sarah and Fred Newman performing a Guy Noir skit. (Fred Newman does great sound effects. He is also a voice actor and played the character of Skeeter and Mr. Dink in the cartoon "Doug.")

I read that a lot of the stuff that Garrison does is off the cuff, using no script. After watching this show, I believe it. As he is telling a story, Fred Newman is doing the sounds for what he is describing. There were times he was barely keeping himself from laughing, and the looks he sometimes gave Garrison were hilarious. (And now I know what a pterodactyl chasing down a man who's hunting mushrooms sounds like.)

At the beginning of the show, Garrison and Sarah walking through the audience. They did that again during the short intermission, when they sang the song in the video I posted, but they walked down this same aisle both times. Guess where my seat will be next time.

Toward the end of the show, Garrison gave us the news from Lake Wobegon; where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking and all the children are above average.

After the show, and the long wait while the very packed parking lot cleared out, Troll Doll and I stopped at Denny's in Black Mountain for some much needed coffee. It was way past our bedtime, and the drive was pretty long...about 2 hours. It was well worth it, though.

It was a great show. Didn't get too many pictures, but that's fine. I just enjoyed sitting back and listening to the stories and music. And as for souvenirs, there was a "Summer Love Tour" tote bag that I almost bought, It was only $10. But, in the end common sense won out. Tote bags are to me like purses or shoes are to most other women, and I need another one like I need a hole in the head.  :)

If you ever get a chance to see "A Prairie Home Companion" live, go for it. It really was fun.

But next time, Mr. Keillor, I will get to meet you. I already have a plan in the works. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Vicki Lane said...

Sounds like you and Troll had a fine time!

Lucy said...

Should have got the Tote Bag....glad you had a wonderful time!