Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let Me Talk...

Hi everybody. This is Blondie. No, I'm not one of the sisters. (Trust me, I did not pick out this name for myself.) I am Major's big brother. Well, not BIG brother really. He does weigh quite a bit more than I do. But, that's an issue for another day.

Anyway, I read what Major wrote the other day, and I thought he was nuts. Why would any self-respecting cat want to sit down at some monkey's computer, no offense MommyLady, and blog? Who came up with this blogging thing anyway? It's just nuts. I mean....wait, I'm off topic again.

So, I sat back and proceeded to make fun of my brother every chance I could. Until today. I heard the MommyLady and DaddyMan discussing something rather disturbing and decided I just have to put in my two-cents worth.

It seems they saw a news report this morning about this President Obama fella killing a fly during an interview. After this happened, some group called PETA sent up a bit of a fuss. Over a fly. A FLY!!!

OK, first off, get over it. Have you ever had one of those things buzz around you nonstop for hours at a time? It's annoying. It's beyond annoying. It really sucks.

Second, what are flies good for? Buzzing around and annoying you for hours at a time. Period.

Third, I can think of only one thing wrong with the president's actions. It was a waste of a good snack. I love flies. If you pick one up in your mouth and let it buzz for a few seconds before you swallow it, not only does it kind of tickle, but it really impresses your siblings. Major and my sisters Face and Eddie thought it was a really neat trick when I did it. Not to mention the reaction I got from the MommyLady and DaddyMan when I finally swallowed the annoying creature. I did not know it was possible for someone to gag like that without coughing up a hairball. That is so cool.

Well, that's my opinion, and you're very welcome to it. You may go back to what you were doing now. I think I hear something buzzing in the next room. I'm going hunting.


Vicki Lane said...

Interesting. Bit I prefer mice.


Stephanie Stark Poling said...

I eat flies for snacks, when I can get 'em. ~~Gracie

PS - I do too, but I'm far more refined about the whole business. That beagle...goodness. ~~Emma

Susan M. Bell said...
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Blondicus said...
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Blondie said...

Eddie - Over the years, we've only had a couple mice brave enough to come in here (four cats is scary to them I reckon). I killed one but the MommyLady took it away when she found it. Then she trapped the other one and took it outside to set it free! How crazy these humans are.

Gracie & Emma - You eat flies, too? I knew all dogs couldn't be bad. Never heard of a refined dog, though. :)

richard-ca. said...

I prefer to have whatever my parents(owners) are having.There is nothing like food that you humans eat.Its so tasty. Don't forget to check your website for the talking kitties.They will tell you exactly what they want for a snack.I don't think it's a fly.

Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Susan, not having a cat, I can't quite get into cat-voice, but I enjoyed this piece--! My brother has a little dog that loves to snap at flies. Don't know if he ever catches one. Also no-seeum's. It's fun to watch.
How are you and your husband? Mine has been sick. Still on flu meds. Take care....K

Susan M. Bell said...

Kay - Yeah, I've heard dogs are really into the fly thing as well. The day Blondie caught his first one, it was so funny to watch him sit there holding his mouth open just a bit so it could buzz around in there, his brother and sisters gathering around to listen and sniff. When they started getting too close, he just closed his mouth and swallowed. (EWWWW!)

Chris is still sick, and the test to confirm the Gastro's diagnosis actually came back normal. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.