Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Try Something New

Never be afraid to try something new. Especially when it comes to food. As I get older, I have found that my tastes have changed. Even after my hysterectomy about a year and a half ago, I found I liked some things I didn't like before. Odd huh? Must be a hormone thing.

A month or so ago, I decided to give sweet potatoes a try. I don't know if I'd ever actually tried them before. I think I did as a kid. If so, it was more than likely in the form of a casserole at Thanksgiving or some such. Walking through my local grocery store, I noticed how inexpensive these things are, and we all know they are healthy. So, I bought one, brought it home and baked it.

To use a phrase from an old Shirley Temple movie, "Oh my goodness." I love these things. What the heck have I been missing all these years? And I wonder if they are as easy to grow as regular potatoes. I'm still planning my garden after all.

More recently I tried turnips (left, above) and rutabagas (right), two other veggies I have long avoided. They kind of look like the radishe's larger, odd-looking cousins. Should have told me something. Anything that reminds me of a radish deserves a chance. Again, I can't believe what I've been missing all these years. These things are oh so good.

My latest "discovery" is the avocado. Last week, I went to lunch with my friend Liz. We decided on Mexican as we have a pretty good Mexican restaurant here, El Ranchero. (Plus I think Liz likes to flex her Spanish chops.) She ordered guacamole, another food I have always stuck my nose up at...fiercely. Being the brave soul that I am, I let her convince me to try it. And yet again, what the ever-loving heck have I been missing all these years. Then, I tried a slice of avocado that came with our meals. Jeez, I've been in the dark way too long. Those things are pretty darn good.

Definite proof that you should try something new every once in a while. You never know what treasures you will find.


Vicki Lane said...

My family has discovered a late-blooming infatuation with Brussels sprouts and parsnips.

Susan M. Bell said...

I have always loved Brussels sprouts. Even as a kid. Green peas, Brussels sprouts and liver were three of my favorite foods. I was odd.

Parsnips are actually another veg I "discovered" along with the turnips and rutabagas. I forgot about those. And a few years ago, I tried winter squash for the first time (butternut, acorn, etc). Wow! I especially love butternut.

Angie Bailey said...

I tried turnips for the first time this year and really liked them. We belong to a co-op and get a mixed bag of veggies in the summer. It forced us to try new things and be creative. I LOVE avocados! Good for you for being adventurous :)

p.s. the kitty in your profile pic has such a sweet face. I always smile when I see it :)

Susan M. Bell said...

That cute little kitty is Face. (Odd name, I know.) She's a little doll with a big attitude.

I like yours. If I tried to put a wig on one of my kitties, they'd eat me. ;-)

Femin Susan said...

This looks really interesting, Try something new its a good message......