Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Surfing the 'Net

Wow, over a week since I last updated this blog. Time just goes by too fast sometimes.

Today I'm going to point y'all to some blogs I've come across while surfing. I actually like to go out looking at random blogs using the "next blog" link found at the top of most blog pages. Some of the blogs have links to interesting websites, some have great family stories and yet others simply have photos that I found interesting. The reasons a blog makes my favorites list are many and varied.

At the blog titled Lloyd's Newfoundland Photos (http://lloydsnfldpics.blogspot.com/), Lloyd C. Rees posts some great pictures. I especially love the ice photos; nice winter images.

I don't remember what initially interested me in the Billboard Jen blog (http://billboardjen.blogspot.com/), but it does have some interesting links. Like the link to a site where you can see famous paintings recreated with Legos (http://oddee.com/item_96540.aspx).

The Billboard Jen blog had a link that led me over to the Shakin' & Bakin' blog (http://shakinandbakin.wordpress.com/). Some interesting things can be found here as well. Such as the link to a site where you can buy anti-theft lunch bags (http://www.thinkofthe.com/products/lunch_bag.php). These are very interesting. Check them out.

Well, that's enough surfing for this morning. So many blogs, so little time.


Angie Bailey said...

Thanks for the links - I'm always looking for interesting things to read :)

Susan M. Bell said...

And there are so many interesting sites out there. You wouldn't believe how long my favorites list is.