Thursday, March 2, 2017

Paid Protesters?

So, some people out there think those protesting around the country are paid. Paid protesters. It's a giant conspiracy involving millions of people and heaven knows how much money.

Give me a motherfucking break, people!!

These people are saying they don't agree with you, so they must be getting paid to say that? Because what you think/believe is so right everyone thinks that way? Because there is NO WAY you might be wrong? Because only people who think like you would actually get out there to let others know what you think?

You are a bunch of idiots. If you think those people are protesting for a paycheck, you are a total jerk-faced idiot.

If people are getting paid, tell me where to sign up. Please. I could use the money. And, making that money while standing up for something I really believe's a win-win.


Renata Perry said...

Girl you betta preach! ��

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Anonymous said...

Hello Susan!

~Sandy Delgado

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