Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Bittersweet Birthday

So, my inside kitties are 14 years old today. Well, we say today. We found them under our back porch steps, and when their mother disappeared a couple days later, we brought them inside. That was on September 19th, 1999. We think they were only about 2 weeks or so old, so we just decided to use September 1st as their birthday.

Out of a litter of six kittens, we ended up keeping four, two boys and two girls. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Major, one of the brothers, on this past February 1st. He got sick very quickly, going into full-blown renal failure in less than a week. When giving him sub-q fluids didn't  bring about any improvement, and he completely stopped eating, we knew the time had come to say goodbye.

I've never had a pet as long as we've had these guys, and I've never had to make the decision to let one go. It’s the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and seven months later, my husband and I both still miss Major like crazy. We love his brother Blondie and sisters Eddie and Face, but there was something extra special about Major. He was a big fat lovable monster. Even Blondie still misses him as his sisters aren't really interested in taking Major’s place as his wrestling partner.

Happy Birthday to my little gang: Eddie, Face, Blondie and the late great Major.

Major aka Stumpy aka Retardo Montalban


Renata Perry said...

Aww Major :-(

Rose ~ from Oz said...

There is little in life sadder than saying goodbye to a family member. Major is a double to my daughter's cat Zippy and he is one adored cat.
A sad time for you.