Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gardening 2012 - Part 1

So, I have decided to try the vegetable growing thing again this year. Going about it a bit differently this time, though. Almost everything will be in a container of some sort.

Right now, I have tomatoes and peppers in buckets. I have corn planted in several cat food cans to sprout, and I still haven't figured out exactly where in the yard I will put them once they are ready. (The only thing that's going directly into the ground.)

I am planting potatoes in tires and radishes, small carrots, onions and peas in a pallet and wooden crates. Well, that's the plan right now anyway. I even have a packet of black radish seeds. I've never even heard of a black radish and definitely had to try those when I saw them. I've also thought about cabbage or maybe some kale, but need to get the rest of that in first to see if I can manage that. Might just have to wait until next year, see how I do with what I have first.

Hopefully I will have all that done by tomorrow and will then post some pictures. For now, wish me luck.

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Vicki Lane said...

Yeppers, I was out in the garden today too. It's time...