Monday, March 28, 2011

Going Nuts?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just plain losing my mind. Today is one of those times.

Last year, I lost one of my little kitties, Yahoo. I swear I remember posting about that. I remember putting up his picture and talking about the loss, etc. I even remember people commenting on that posting. Now, when I look back to March of 2010 in the archives, that post is no longer there. Other posts seem to have disappeared as well.

I find this fact rather disturbing. Could it be my mind is merely making this stuff up, that it never actually happened? Or is Blogger for some reason taking down certain posts? Odd either way.

I have to wonder, have any of you had this experience? Or is it just me? If it's just me, I will simply file it away as one of those odd quirks of the human mind and let it go at that. If it's not "just me," although I'll still be angry about my posts having disappeared, at least I'll know I haven't totally gone off my rocker....



Stuff could always be worse said...

Sorry to hear that, I have never looked back to know??

Vicki Lane said...

Blogger giveth and Blogger taketh away. Blogger wouldn't let me post any pictures for the past few days.

Mayland Writers' Group said...
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Susan M. Bell said...

Blogger has a mind of its very own. But, I looked back at my pet sitting blog (, and there are posts there about Yahoo. Maybe that's the only place I put them. Who knows.