Monday, May 18, 2009

What's Going On

I have been so buy lately with the garden, yard work, getting the business going and doctor appointments for the hubby, I just have not been able to find the time to sit and write or work on my blogs.

First off, Chris (the hubs) has been sick off and on for several months now, and he finally decided to start really "bugging" the doctor about it. (You know how men are when it comes to going to the doctor.) After a small abnormality in an EKG, he was sent for more tests on his heart which thankfully came out negative. He was also sent for an ultrasound of the gall bladder as well as a HIDA scan, another gall bladder test. We were actually kind of hoping something would show up there as it would explain a lot and would probably be pretty easy to take care of. But, those tests also came out negative. So, it's back to the doctor tomorrow to see what's next. (Keep good thoughts for us.)

Second, the garden.....OH MY GOODNESS!! This gardening thing is driving me nuts this year. I finally got it all in, but it's not looking too good. Now, I haven't had to go out and water it but once since it's rained a bit every day around here, so I guess that's pretty good. But, the tomatoes and peppers aren't looking too good. I'm hoping it's just taking them a bit of time to really take hold. The baby limas haven't come up yet and neither have the carrots. The icicle radishes are holding on, so maybe I'll at least have some of those. The potatoes and onions aren't poking through, but they haven't been in long enough really. The cabbages? Well, I think I will be holding their funeral pretty soon. **sign**

Every thing else is the usual. The yard has grown up a lot, but I'm slowing getting it tamed. The pet sitting is slow moving, but I am still hopeful. I've had a few initial consultations, which are free, and have clients who are going to be taking vacations during the summer and will need me then. (If you surf over to my pet sitting blog at, you can see a pet adoption success story I'm pretty happy about.)

Well, I remember hearing about an old Chinese curse that says "may you live in interesting times." Interesting? I think that may be an understatement.


Vicki Lane said...

Hang in there, Susan -- gardening is a cruel hobby, often involving decline and death, not to mention blight and bugs and fungus. But sometimes you learn by losing.

Query -- is there a black walnut tree nearby? Their roots can slowly poison lots of plants.

Susan M. Bell said...

Actually, I do have several black walnut trees, but they are on the other side of the yard...well away from the garden. At least that's one thing I don't have to worry about. :)

Angie Bailey said...

Susan, there is never disappointment if you don't garden in the first place. At least that's what I tell myself. Hope the pet-sitting picks up and you make lots of money and enjoy spending time with fun, fuzzy pets this summer :)

Tammy said...

Hi Susan,
Can you possibly get a soil sample and take it to your extension agency? There might be a real imbalance there that they could help you correct. Or if you can find someone nearby that has cows, horses, or sheep (!) that will let you fill up some buckets or bags with 'treasure' and put that on your garden this fall, (or make manure tea for now) along with leaves etc and let it all compost down during the winter. My Dad uses the 'black gold' from my sheep on his raised beds and his plants are monsterous! Anyway, good luck! It takes a few years to get the soil more forgiving, but one just keeps plugging away.
Take care,

Susan M. Bell said...

Angie: Yeah, that would limit the frustrations wouldn't it. I think I'm a glutton for punishment, though. :)

Tammy: Actually, as of today, the tomatoes are looking much better. The peppers are still sickly, and I did lose one cabbage, but the potatoes are coming up as are the radishes and onions. So, that's something at least.

I have a friend who works with horses and has offered to bring some of that "treasure" over for me. I think I'll take her up on that this fall... spread it in the empty garden spot for the winter.

Next year will be better I'm sure.